API Reference

Querying table data

To query a table's data:

  1. Use the create query endpoint to create the query. The query is a persistent object you can reuse as-is or dynamically via parameters. If the query contains parameters, they can be overridden when the query runs. If the parameters have no default values, they must be overridden at runtime.

  2. To create a query result, use the run query endpoint. This returns a query result entity that contains an ID and a status. Assuming this call completes correctly, the status is either NOT_STARTED or RUNNING.

  3. To poll on the query result, use the get query result endpoint with the query result ID. When the query completes or encounters an error, the status changes to COMPLETE or ERROR, respectively. If ERROR, the error field on the query result is populated.

  4. To download the result of the query, use the download query results endpoint. The results download as an ordinary CSV file that adheres to the RFC4180 standard.