API Reference

Retrieve a list of tables


Returns all tables available in the workspace.

GET /api/v1/table


Required OAuth Scopes:

No OAuth scopes are required to use this endpoint.


includeSharedquerybooleanfalseIf true, returns all tables shared with the workspace associated with the request. If false, returns only tables the workspace owns.
limitqueryinteger(int32)falsethe number of folders to return, from 1 to 1000; by default, 1000
cursorquerystringfalsea paging cursor; if included the limit is ignored
offsetqueryinteger(int64)falseThe item to start with on the page, must be greater than or equal to 0, will default to 0

Code Samples

curl -X GET https://h.app.wdesk.com/s/wdata/prep/api/v1/table  \ 
-H 'Accept: application/json' \ 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {access-token}'
http GET https://h.app.wdesk.com/s/wdata/prep/api/v1/table  \ 
Accept:application/json \ 
Authorization:"Bearer {access-token}"
wget --method=GET "https://h.app.wdesk.com/s/wdata/prep/api/v1/table" \
 --output-document -  \ 
 --header 'Accept: application/json' \ 
 --header 'Authorization: Bearer {access-token}'
import requests
headers = {
  'Accept': 'application/json',
  'Authorization': 'Bearer {access-token}'

r = requests.get('https://h.app.wdesk.com/s/wdata/prep/api/v1/table', headers = headers)



200 - OK

Returns a JSON object with body and cursor properties.

  • body contains an array of TableDto objects. If the request returns no results, body contains an empty array.
  • cursor contains a paging cursor, which can be included in the next call to the endpoint to retrieve the next set of results. If no additional results, cursor is null.

Example Responses

  "body": [
      "created": "string",
      "databaseId": "string",
      "datasetUpdated": "string",
      "deleted": "boolean",
      "description": "string",
      "hierarchyMetadata": {
        "childColumnId": "string",
        "parentColumnId": "string"
      "id": "string",
      "isShared": "boolean",
      "lastUploaded": "string",
      "name": "string",
      "parentId": "string",
      "readOnly": "boolean",
      "tableSchema": {
        "columns": [
            "alias": "string",
            "description": "string",
            "metadata": {},
            "mode": "string",
            "name": "string",
            "type": "string"
      "type": "string",
      "uniqueTableConstraints": [
          "description": "string",
          "id": "string",
          "name": "string",
          "tableId": "string",
          "values": [
      "updated": "string",
      "userId": "string",
      "version": "integer"
  "code": "integer",
  "cursor": "string"