API Reference


All calls to the Workiva Spreadsheets API may return a message and request_id as part of the JSON response. If present, message contains a human readable descriptions of the response condition. request_id is a unique identifier for the request.



createdstring(date-time)Date-time (UTC) corresponding to the creation of the job
finishedstring(date-time)Date-time (UTC) corresponding to the creation of the spreadsheet
idstringUnique identifier for the Job
next_urlstringA fully qualified URL, including required query parameters, to query for the job output results. If the job status is not SUCCESSFUL, this will be empty.
statusstringCurrent status of the job. PENDING, RUNNING, FAILED, SUCCESSFUL


  "created": "2020-04-30T14:23:21.690124Z",
  "finished": "2020-04-30T14:23:22.413304132Z",
  "id": "bd9iOjhlYmViZDY2YjdkYzQzMHU5NmU5MWQ4YzRjMTNiOWYwOjI",
  "next_url": "https://api.app.wdesk.com/spreadsheets/v1/queue-jobs/bd9iOjhlYmViZDY2YjdkYzQzMHU5NmU5MWQ4YzRjMTNiOWYwOjI",
  "status": "SUCCESSFUL"